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BigFreeLotto offers 6 daily chances to win real cash prizes for FREE. Every day, a draw takes place in order to select the winning numbers for each of our 6 daily games:

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How does BigFreeLotto work?

Step 1How does BigFreeLotto work?

All you have to do to join us is sign up with your name, current and valid postal address and email address. This information is necessary in order to:

• Verify that you’re eligible to play our games. For further information about our Official Rules and the Eligibility Requirements, Click here.

• Each month, BigFreeLotto sends thousands of prize checks by postal mail to our winners.
Your correct address will assure us that you receive the check without delay.

At BigFreeLotto we respect your Privacy.

Step 2Play your lucky numbers every day

What is BigFreeLotto?

BigFreeLotto is a daily sweepstakes which is played by selecting numbers from a grid of available numbers for each of the six games. You can choose to play with your own numbers, use the Quick Pick option, or choose BigFreeLotto Hot Picks for each game. Please see the Official Rules for the Odds and Prizes of each of our daily games.

Is it completely free?

Of course! You can play our six games for free by visiting our website every day and entering your numbers!

How come the games at BigFreeLotto are free?

The sponsored advertising in our games and in our emails together with our optional subscription service QuickPlay, allow us to support our offer for FREE daily games.

Step 3Check your daily results. You can be a millionaire!

Start enjoying BigFreeLotto® now! We wish you the best of lucks!

* Results may vary

Our millionare prize winners

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What do people say about BigFreeLotto?

Even though I won’t be making many lifestyle changes because I like living modestly, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to finally do what I want. Everybody should try BigFreeLotto!
Susan Vazquez
Waukegan, IL
US$1.000.000 Winner